The Who. The What. The Why.


My name is Roxanne Tan. I am a Melbourne-based, self-proclaimed food-nut, kitchen devotee, photography enthusiast, and forager (and hoarder) of homewares. In 2013, I was prepared to work in the world of Accounting and Finance. I had put in the hard yards and I had the degree but deep down I knew it wasn’t quite the right vocation for me. I had always wondered what it would be to work in the world of food and nutrition… If I could work successfully in that world at all. 

A hella’ of a strong gut-feeling and many sleepless nights later, I decided to go for it and off I went, back to university once again. Life is too short not to do the things you love. Life is too short, period. Six years of university, two degrees and a thousand and one assignments later, I think I’ve finally found a good thing. I’m finally a working nutritionist (wohoo) and in my spare time, I practically live in my modest little kitchen. I do a crap-ton of experimental cooking, rolling out a constant feast of beautiful food for hungry loved-ones, and documenting it all on a secondhand DSLR.

So essentially, food is a massive part of my life. Not that I’m complaining, of course.  ;)

That’s me (left) and Gray (right), my significant other/lucky recipient of most of my culinary adventures.


About my cooking

Look. I could tell you tales of nomadic dreams of a wanderlust life and identifying with several different cultures, but I have a feeling my cooking will convey that just fine.

My cooking style is adventurous, transglobal and always (okay, mostly) practical. I love making my own recipes – experimenting with ingredients until I get something that I am proud of. And plus, the fact that it’s 100% me makes me all the more proud!

A background in nutrition means that I’m passionate about eating well; and no – this doesn’t mean boring, lifeless green food. To me, eating well means eating delicious, exciting food that makes you and your body feel good. So yes, I do eat a lot of veggies but no, I would never dare to give up bread or noodles – two things I have a life long love affair with.

I love my DSLR and slowly taught myself to take food photos. Admittedly, I do not consider myself to be a professional in this arena, though I aspire to be one – one day! And so, I aspire to keep improving and learning more – and fingers crossed my pictures get better and better. P.s. Do leave me feedback on them because I’m a an absolute feedback nerd – haha.

Thanks for reading the blog and do leave me a comment (and your blog URL) so I can check yours out too!


15 thoughts on “The Who. The What. The Why.

    1. Of course! I find your blog very inspirational and beautiful too :) so it’s really my pleasure, Rebekah!

      Haha thank you for your kind words- I’m trying to teach myself food photography and styling by practicing 😳 so hopefully I can get even better at it!

      Thanks for the lovely words!

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